Speech of the Dean of the College

The College of Engineering at Al-Nahrain University seeks to be a prominent symbol in the fields of science and knowledge.  It has proven this through forty five years of giving and dedication, presenting itself as a distinguished academic center referred to as pride and dignity, and has an important role in supplying the sectors and institutions of the state and the private sector with engineers and holders of higher degrees of professors and consultants who are distinguished by specialized academic training, professionalism and efficiency.

 The College of Engineering, which was established in 1988, has overcome the barrier of challenges during its long years of giving, and has drawn the features of the creative, efficient and sincere Iraqi engineer.  It also played a prominent role in the field of specialization, building institutions, and serving the country.  In line with scientific developments, the College of Engineering at Al-Nahrain University has followed an advanced educational path, focusing on quality in performance and originality in addressing cognitive challenges.  It also strives to find creative solutions to realistic problems and provide its services to the community. It has had important achievements in the fields of scientific research and innovation, and it has presented many studies, letters, dissertations, published research and patents.  She also assumed a prominent role in engineering consultancy, and contributed to a very large number of important engineering projects.

 As an entry point to achieving the goals of higher education, the college focused on developing students and engineers under the highest standards of quality and university performance.  Thanks to its location and university environment, the college was distinguished by the healthy atmosphere and the scientific and social spirit that prevails among the college cadres, which led to arousing enthusiasm and mobilizing energies to develop students and engineers to be pioneers in building and developing the country, through education, research and innovation.  Thus, it contributes to the advancement of science and culture, and promotes civilization and progress in the country. According to its strategic plan, the college has adopted a culture of innovation and creativity  towards development and prosperity.

Prof. Dr. Jumaa Salman Chiad

Dean of the College

The C. V. of the Dean