about college

The College of Engineering at Al-Nahrain University is one of the leading colleges in Iraq in its engineering disciplines. Many pioneering engineers and national competencies working in the academic, methodological and professional fields graduated from it.  Its graduates have a high academic ability and possess the necessary professional skills to obtain the best opportunities in the labor market.  The college was established in 1988 and currently includes nine scientific departments, namely:

 civil engineering Department.

 Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering.

 Department of Mechanical Engineering.

 Department of Chemical Engineering.

 Computer Engineering Department.

 Department of Laser Engineering and Optoelectronics.

 Department of Biomedical Engineering.

 Department of Architecture.

 Department of Artificial Limbs and Supports Engineering.

 Many outstanding students who won Iraqi, Arab and international awards graduated from the college over the past years of its career full of scientific achievements. They all obtained scientific backgrounds in the most important disciplines of engineering knowledge. Today they are successful scientists, engineers and administrators.