The college seeks to achieve intellectual and professional excellence in the engineering fields according to local, regional and global standards in order to contribute in community service, achieve scientific development, and participate in the preparation of specialized engineering cadres competent with the scientific and economic developments of the labor market.



The College of Engineering seeks to meet the needs of the Iraqi society and the region with high quality programs in education and research with the primary goal of preparing Iraqi engineers with outstanding scientific and technical competence to enable them to participate in the various development aspects of the country. The scientific and applied research programs provide engineering and technical advice and present technical services to different enterprises, organizations and authorities interested in engineering education. It contributes to the expansion of knowledge by conducting quality research and by developing and applying modern information technologies. The college provides continuing training and education and performs advanced engineering studies leading to higher scientific degrees.



  1. Advancement of scientific research.
    2. Intensify the students’ scientific reasoning.
    3. Graduate pioneer, qualified, and innovative engineers.
    4. Fill a part of the shortage in the engineering faculty and staff.
    5. Serve the community through continued education and engineering advisory.