Registration Office

The Registration Office is one of the most important divisions of the Dean’s Office for Scientific Affairs and Students because it has an important role in issuing transcripts, certificates, documents and student letters graduates, in addition to answering the authenticity verification letters issued by the university presidency as soon as possible and with the accuracy required. The office also keeps student data for all departments and all stages through the student follow-up program.

The registration Office also monitors falsified students whose forged certificates are proven by official letters issued periodically by the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research. The Office also follows-up on the issuance of the students’ identities for the first year and postgraduate studies.



  • Postgraduate Unit:


The Postgraduate Division pursues postgraduate affairs in terms of follow-up graduate students and discipline time in accordance with the regulations and directives in force. They are also responsible for auditing applications for admission to postgraduate studies at the college and following-up on graduate students’ affairs in terms of time periods and their availability for study in accordance with regulations, instructions. The members of this division also participate in meetings of the committees of Graduate Studies at the college to discuss matters of postgraduate students according to the competence of departments to ensure good performance. This division also prepares the students’ final seminar statement one week prior to the final, and arranges the discussion committees in accordance with the college council. They are also responsible for preparing annual statistics regarding postgraduate students and organizing official letters requested by the students.


  • Undergraduate unit:

Regarding undergraduate students, the undergraduate unit is yearly responsible, in cooperation with the Associate Dean’s office for scientific affairs and students, of following up on students registration, their enrollment in their academic departments, transfer requests to and from the college according to rules and regulations as well as providing guidance for students who may face any difficulties during their enrollment.

The undergraduate unit also issues student letters and processes transfer students’ documents according the regulations of the Ministry of Higher education and Scientific Research. It is also responsible for addressing the relevant parties regarding undergraduate summer training. Student attendance and obedience to rules and regulations id also followed up by the undergraduate unit.