Q. A.

This division is one of the most recently established divisions in the College of Engineering. It was founded in mid 2010, after expanding the University Performance unit to the Division of Quality Assurance and University Performance. Since then the division’s responsibilities expanded from the yearly evaluation of lecturers, resource documentation, student and staff statistics, to other tasks related to building a constant strategy to emphasize quality and strive to achieve the overall quality of the college’s educational and research programs and community service.

In view of the importance of this Division’s role in the development of the educational institution and upgrading it to the highest levels, a decision was made by the Ministry of Higher Education to link the Division with the Dean directly after being associated with the Dean’s Assistant for Scientific Affairs.

  1. Vision:

Its vision is to be the best quality assurance division in the area and to raise the overall level of quality in the college.



  1. Message:

Achieving the overall quality of all the departments of the college in accordance with international standards of accreditation and maintaining the fixed values of our society and the educational process.

  1. Objectives :
  • Following up the application of quality standards in our educational institution.
  • Creating quality departments and improving their performance to achieve the application of international standards correctly.
  • Seeking that all our departments obtain accreditation certificates from the international organizations in this field.

Work plan:

The Division sought to implement its ambitious plan which included three phases:

  • The first stage: Emphasis was placed on spreading the culture of quality through seminars, workshops and lectures with faculty and students.
  • The second phase: this phase focused on the documentation and analysis of the data collected from the scientific departments and administrative divisions, the preparation of reports on the quality processes and continuous improvement and submitting them to the Quality Assurance and University Performance division. At the end of each academic year, reports and studies are submitted about the various activities of the college in quantitative and qualitative and a study on the achievements of the college and performance statistics of teachers as the annual performance report for the College of Engineering.
  • In the third phase, an ambitious program was adopted to qualify for international accreditation in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education. The Division, in coordination with the scientific departments, started working on establishing the basic steps in this context such as preparing self-evaluation reports and defining the vision, mission and objectives of the college and departments in order to achieve accreditation from the ABET Organization, one of the international organizations specialized in the adoption of engineering programs.




Despite the short life of the Division, it was able to accomplish important achievements that can be summarized as follows:

  • Holding many seminars, lectures and workshops with the teaching and administrative staff and students to establish a culture of quality.
  • Attendance and participation in many conferences, seminars and workshops sponsored by other universities as well as other institutions.
  • Use of modern data acquisition and analysis systems such as electronic survey and statistical analysis systems.
  • Completion of self-evaluation reports for most scientific departments in accordance with the accreditation requirements of ABET International.
  • Linking the scientific departments with the Global Accreditation Program of the Ministry of Higher Education in cooperation with UNESCO and working to meet its requirements.


Important dates:

  • 1/6/2010 Conversion of the University Performance Unit to the Division of Quality Assurance and University Performance.
  • 1/2/2011 Adoption of the electronic system of questionnaires.
  • 1/6/2012 Admission to the academic accreditation program.
  • 15/9/2012 Working with the course package.

1/10/2012 Integration of self-evaluation reports.

1/1/ 2013 Linkage of the Division directly to the Deanship.