Psychoeducational Advisor Duty

The tasks of the educational and psychological counselor:

The counselors should be qualified to perform the task assigned to them and know that the guide’s tasks towards the students are as follows:

1 – Media: related to the explanation and clarification of the relationship between the counselor and student and the statement of instructions governing the university ambiance and the means of delivery of information and other things that must be informed by the counselor to facilitate the integration between them.

2 – Entertainment: dealing with students in a friendly way and makes acquaintances party, recreational trips, participation in the games, hobbies or other things that inspire enthusiasm in the minds of students without affecting the education process and emphasize the important aspect of scientific research and writing scientific reports.

3 – Academy: deals with the academic side and teaching methods and teaching aids and other things that relate to the level of scientific and educational achievement.

4 – Educational: which related to the educational aspect and taking into account the educational environment that student came from and try to integrate him/her with the university environment and the preservation of moral values and refinement of individual behavior.

5 – Management: related to the clarification of the correct administrative conduct in dealing with all members of the community of students, associates, and faculties in addition to the focus on documentation of all information of the students.

6- Specialized: which is focusing on the goal of the guidance work it is divided into three main categories:

Preventive: Interested in focusing on the problems and try to control them before they occur.

Development: Interested in controlling problems at the beginning and solving them early.

Therapeutic: These are all procedures related to solving problems and ending them completely and controlling the problems to prevent them from happening again with the same guided student or other.

7 – The tasks in the counselor position: the tasks related to the counselor and his/her management of documentation, follow-up, attend meetings, and the submission of periodic reports.