Mission, Vision and Goals


The Department of PO Engineering endeavours to be one of the leading PO Engineering Programs in Iraq and the region.



  1. Graduating highly qualified ethical PO engineers.
  2. Building the leadership qualities in its graduates through teaching problem solving, teamwork, quality considerations and professionalism at work.
  3. Instilling in graduates the spirit and commitment for acquiring knowledge and community service.
  4. Contributing ideas of projects and carrying out research for the benefit and development of the community.
  5. Nurturing and care of outstanding students and encouraging them to use their skills.
  6. Student counselling, guidance and strengthening of citizenship spirit.
  7. Providing good working environment for students, faculty, and other personnel with emphasis on high academic, professional and ethical standards within the university campus. Freedom of opinions and respect of others opinions and encouragement in exchanging knowledge.




  1. Graduate PO engineers to serve in local market.
  2. Improving the teaching and administrative activities to meet international accreditations standards and the mission of the department.
  3. Improving the academic abilities of the faculty and attracting highly skilled personnel.
  4. Improve the abilities of management and technical supporting staff and attract the highly skilled employments.
  5. Optimum use of resources and potentials of the department.
  6. Cooperation, academic exchange programs, partnerships with other universities and academic centres in developed countries.
  7. Establishing viable applied research that generates knowledge for local and foreign markets.