Maintenance Responsibilities

The overall responsibility of all maintenance engineers is to ensure that all devices in the workplace and processes are run smoothly.

Therefore, this engineer either performs preventive maintenance tasks or emergency maintenance in his workplace.

His responsibilities include:

  • Conduct periodic inspections

One of the basic tasks of any maintenance engineer is to conduct periodic maintenance inspections of equipment, tools, and machinery at the workplace. Some tests are performed only when equipment or machinery is not in use. Other inspections can be performed for the devices when they operate when the device stops can cause losses. During an inspection, the Engineer searches for worn, damaged or defective parts and assesses the efficiency of the work.

  • System improvements and changes

The maintenance engineer recommends to the head of the department any improvements and changes that necessary to improve the performance of the devices. These recommendations are usually based on research and studies of modern systems and technologies. The maintenance engineer also outlines the devices that need to be changed depending on the results of the periodic tests that usually performed.

  • Finding the mistakes and resolve it

The maintenance engineer plays another key role in discovering the troubleshoots and repairing broken systems. The department expects him to know by everything about the department’s technical systems. Therefore, after identifying the issue, the maintenance engineer must indicate its reasons as soon as possible. After the maintenance engineer finds the reason, precautions are put in place to prevent the same issues from recurring.

  • Repair and replacement

The maintenance engineer repairs any problems that exist after the inspection or troubleshooting.

He can either fix the mistakes himself or supervise the other staff who do so, as his position sometimes requires team leadership. In the event that some parts need to be replaced, the maintenance engineer will order the correct parts needed and ensure proper installation. After the new installation of new parts, the maintenance engineer performs the performance test to evaluate the efficiency of the new parts and their operating system.