Department Council Authorities

The powers of the department council

1) Discussing the curriculum, its details and textbooks, and propose modification or changing them within the recommendations of the faculty members.

2) Proposing the needs of the faculty members and technicians and recommending inviting visiting professors.

3) Approving the scientific research projects submitted by the faculty members of the department and proposing ways to achieve them and recommending the consolidation of scientific research, written and translated books, as well as supporting the student’s research and provide the requirements for implementation.

4) Implementing the decisions of the College Council.

5) Formation of educational and scientific committees according to the needs of the department.

6) Supervision of teaching process and training methods and developing them. Following up with the faculty members and staff to carry out their duties. Supervising the scientific affairs of the students at different stages of the study through continuous scientific and practical guidance.

7) Following up of scientific developments and the accelerated progress of knowledge and science and guide the faculty members to modernize curricula and subjects to make them compatible with these scientific and technological developments.

8) Authorization some of its powers to the head of the department.