A Scientific Visit of the Students and Faculty Members of the Department to Al-Ibtesam’s Center for Prosthetics and Orthosis

A number of students and faculty members of the Prosthetics and Orthosis Engineering Department, represented by Dr. Dunia Abdul-Saheb, Assistance Lecturer Salem Fattah, Assistance Lecturer Hind Dhiaa, Assistance Lecturer Saif Mohammed, Eng. Salah Musleh and second-stage students visited Al-Ibtesam Alternative Center in Baghdad on Sunday, 2/12/2018. During the visit, the visiting group acquired a knowledge about the new technologies in the center such as electronic joints, electronic upper Prosthetics, how to control them, and how to find the location of sensors on the patient’s side as well as other techniques that were developed and used as alternatives to traditional prosthetics and orthosis.