College Deanship


It greatly pleases me to address you from my assigned academic position as the Dean of the College of Engineering, this engineering edifice that contains nine academic departments…

Since its foundation in 1987, our college has gained a prestigious scientific position and an excellent academic reputation, and we have taken upon ourselves to gradually apply our academic programs according to international standards.

It goes without saying that the adoption of the means of development  can only be obtained with  an interrelated  team working with all of its components  and interacting with the system of our college and our faculty members, staff, students and support and supervision of the presidency of our University. The objective of this team is to improve academic and vocational education to provide the Iraqi community with qualified engineering capabilities that contribute to the future of our beloved country.

Our aspiration does not end here, but extends to providing a scientific environment for excellence and innovation. This is evidenced by the fact that many of our faculty members have obtained patents and published scientific research in international journals with high impact factors.

We are aware of the complementary relationship between the academic and practical fields. We are keen to encourage students to stay aware and updated in their scientific fields. We also believe in the need to demonstrate knowledge of experience at the same time as it is received, which makes knowledge and experience richer and more comprehensive and participates in turning the individual from a burden on the country to the best and noblest investment.

We are also aware of the complementary relationship with various faculties of engineering in Iraq or the world and we seek to implement twinning programs with the faculties of scientific credibility with the support and guidance of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research so that we can improve and develop our staff.

The thirty years since the establishment of our College have left a clear mark on the course of engineering education in Iraq. It has come out through generations of bachelor, master and doctorate holders in various engineering disciplines. This in itself presents us with great challenges to continue our work, to work continuously and to strive to keep pace with scientific engineering development.

On behalf of the College Council, I would like to thank the dedicated staff of our college who has worked hard to establish our website as a front for the activities of the College that continues as a beacon shining light in our hearts and minds.