Mission, Vision and Goals

The department of civil engineering focuses primarily on studying, analysing, and designing constructions, such as buildings, bridges, dams, roads, tunnels, airports, harbours, and the sewage systems as well as irrigation projects. Civil engineering science is not excluded in design only; however, it is the science that developed with the passage of time. Recently, this science has a direct connection with the industrial development in order to produce new and developed construction materials to satisfy the growing needs.

The department of civil engineering at the college of engineering/ Al-Nahrain University was established in 1988 to award a bachelor degree for its students. In 1988, the department started accepting master students. In 1994, graduate students were admitted to study for the doctorate degree.

One of the major priorities of the department is to make Al-Nahrain University an important center to enable the graduate students to practice civil engineering as a profession in Iraq. The staff of the department shares a common vision for building a typical example for the education that fosters the academic and professional fields which help establish an educational system. This educational system is designed to reinforce the creative work and the cultural development in order to find an environment that encourages the mastery in the workplace and help exchange experiences.

The department of civil engineering has a strong desire for success and achievement by preparing the graduate students in order to become professional civil engineers as well as leaders in their academic trajectories. Due to the vigour in the educational system, the students are able to achieve the integrity of the essential principles of engineering including the technical developments in their majors. This will help them strengthen their skills in solving problems that they may face in engineering. Moreover, the department always aims at providing the opportunities of direct interaction among students to practice their profession in the fieldwork. More importantly, the department ceaselessly supports the students by urging them to raise their spirit for having a strong tendency towards the self-education for the future time. This will make the graduate students capable of successfully solving the engineering problems that face the society.

The teaching staff in the department pays a lot of attention to the development and the consonant update to the education program to reach out the promising goals planned by the department. The teaching staff highly motivates students to reach out the academic excellence, achieve the quality criteria, and increase high competitive skills in order to enrich the professions of the civil engineering by effective leaders who are able to solve problems in engineering.


The Vision of the Department 

The department has a clear vision for making the department prominent whether locally, regionally, or even internationally as a department among the first to present engineering programs and services of a high quality.


The Message of the Department

The department seeks to achieve the needs of the Iraqi society and the neighbouring regions for civil engineers throughout efficient programs with a high quality in education, scientific research, and communal services.


The Objectives of the Department

1- Enabling graduate students to become an efficient engineers having comprehensive knowledge about civil engineering.

2- Enabling the graduate students to have the ability to apply the methods of design and management and work in construction projects of civil engineering.

3- Enabling the graduate students to have the ability to acquire the skills of communication and teamwork in projects of multiple fields.

4- Enabling the graduate students to have the ability to acquire the skills of learning to develop the professional performance, creative work, and planning based on the ethics of society and workplace.

5- Keeping up to date with the latest developments in the fields of civil engineering throughout the periodical revaluation of the study plans and the curriculum proposed.

6- Conducting scientific research and studies to increase knowledge and applications and provide innovative solutions to local and regional problems in particular.

7- Establishing strong relationships with local, regional and international companies and institutions to enhance and support the scientific research and educational activity at the university.