MSc Viva Voce

An MSc viva voce was performed on 18/01/2018 at the department of civil engineering for the Master student thesis Saif Adel Shawkat that is titled as “Masonary Infill Walls Modeling in R.C. Building for Seismic Structural Analysis“.

The viva committee members were assigned by the civil engineering department as follow:

Assist. Prof. Dr Amir Farouk Izzat (Chairman)

Assist. Prof. Dr Laith Khalid Kamel (Member)

Lec. Dr Khalid Al-Moomen (Member).

The student was supervised by Dr Ammar Abduljabbar.

The research abstract:

The current study focuses on evaluation of infill walls contribution to the seismic performance of R.C. frames. The case studied is based on actual dimensions of R.C. Frames of typical commercial buildings used in Iraq.

A numerical model of infill wall in frame was developed to evaluate it is contribution in the seismic performance of R.C. Frame under earthquakes. In this model, the infill was replaced by a micro-modeling technic where the blocks and mortar surrounding them were replaced by one element having material properties as those of the infill wall.

The model was implemented in ABAQUS 6.14 software to model the R.C. Frame with infill walls and analyzed under actual earthquake excitation took place in Iraq. Verification of the proposed numerical model was conducted through simulating a previously carried out experimental work on R.C. Frame with masonry infill wall. The results observed showed excellent agreement between the experimental and proposed numerical model on lateral deformation under same loading conditions with 2.5% difference.

The committee decided to award the student an MSc degree in civil Engineering with an excellent classification grade.