MSc Viva Voce

An MSc viva voce was performed on 10/01/2018 at the department of civil engineering for the Master student thesis Murtada Adel Abdulrasool that is titled as “Seismic Behavior of Shallow Foundations on Some Iraqi Soils“.

The viva committee members were assigned by the civil engineering department as follow:

Prof. Dr Abdulaziz Al-Kifae (Chairman)

Assist. Prof. Dr Mahmood Theab (Member)

Assist. Prof. Dr Ibraheem Saleem (Member).

The student was supervised by Assist. Prof. Dr Qassun Saad Aldin.

The research abstract:

The design of shallow foundations to withstand different dynamic loads has given considerable attention in recent years. Dynamic loads may be due to the earthquakes, pile driving, blasting, water waves and machine vibrations. But predicting the behavior of shallow foundations during earthquakes remains a difficult task for geotechnical engineers. Thus studying behavior of shallow foundation in Iraq under earthquake action is very important as the foundation must continue to support the structure during and after the seismic event and foundation deflections must remain within the range that the structure can withstand. In this research seismic behavior of raft foundation in different zones in Iraq under real earthquake records is studied using the finite element program PLAXIS 3D 2013.

A data base for dynamic and static parameters for different soils in seismic active zones in Iraq is prepared which has been collected from geophysical and geotechnical investigation works. Then analysis of a typical three dimensions  soil-raft foundation system under dynamic loading is carried out using the database. And a parametric study has been carried out taken into consideration the influence of some parameters on the dynamic behavior of the raft foundation, such as raft stiffness, damping ratio as well as the influence of the earthquake acceleration-time records.


The committee decided to award the student an MSc degree in civil Engineering with a very good classification grade.