Psychoeducational Advisor Duty

1 – Media duties relating to the explanation and clarification of the relationship between the guide and will be guided through the statement of controls and instructions that are managed by
2 – Teaching tasks: dealing with guides in a friendly way and to have a ceremony of acquaintance, travel, participation in the monastery, the practice of hobbies or other things that inspire wisdom in the minds of the guidance without the negative impact on the process of education and emphasis on the side of my mission Method Scientific research and writing scientific reports.
3 – academic tasks: dealing with the academic side and teaching methods and teaching aids and other things that relate to the level of scientific and educational achievement
4 – educational tasks: related to the educational aspect of taking into account the educational environment provided by the guide and try to integrate it with the environment of the university and the preservation of moral values and fine tune individual behavior
5 – administrative tasks: related to the clarification of the correct administrative conduct in dealing between all members of the community of students, associates and teachers, in addition to the focus on documenting all information on the guides.
6- Tasks that are at the heart of the educational guide’s work and are divided into three main sections:
Preventive tasks: Interested in focusing on the signs of problems and trying to control them before they occur
Development tasks: Interested in controlling problems at the beginning and solving them early
Finally, therapeutic tasks: all the procedures related to solving problems and ending them completely and control so as not to be repeated in the future with the same guided or otherwise
7 – The tasks in the guidance position: the tasks related to the guide and its management of documentation and follow-up and attend meetings and the submission of periodic reports.