Mission, Vision and Goals

Architectural Engineering Department
The Architectural Engineering Department in the college of engineering at Al-Nahrain University is founded in 2002 as a scientific academic department. It aims to prepare engineering architects have the ability to contribute in the labor market and meet the society’s needs through preparing a high quality staff and a continuous development of plans and curriculums to cope with the local and international architectural renovations.

The vision:
The Architectural Engineering Department tries to prepare a generation of architects distinct, conscious scientifically, intellectually, morally and technically with high quality skills. They respect the local, environmental, historical, cultural, social identity and conscious of contemporary developments in both scientific and technical domain.

The mission:
Offer a high quality education in engineering of architecture and urban design of a city. Grow up the free creative thinking and the scientific research. Enroot the professional and ethical values and provide the students with the artistic, intellectual, technological, administrative skills through providing a continuous environment for teaching, learning and scientific research.

The department objectives:
1- Offer educational chances for the students in the architectural and urban design discipline which collect between arts, sciences, skills required to gain the scientific. Intellectual, artistic applications and group work.
2- Offer distinguished educational programs to improve the graduates’ quality to cope with the recent requirements and the market needs.
3- Improve the academic administration for the department and attracting the high quality skills employees.
4- Cooperation and academic interaction and partnerships with other universities and the academic centers in the developed countries.
5- Support the applicable and livable researches to produce knowledge for the local and foreign markets.
6- Prepare an active environment for education, learning, knowledge and scientific research to transfer the knowledge and skills with the required understanding to practice the architectural and urban design career.
7- The self-assessment and continuous development of skills and scientific programs.
8- Enrich the educational curriculum through develop and renew the education quality in architecture and urban design that copes with the international criteria.
9- Simplify the partnership in the research and scientific activities to deploy knowledge in education and practice.
10- Contribute in the society serving through working with government, private sector and the practitioner organizations to support the idea of the produce university.
11- The continuous improvement of the educational programs and their outputs to achieve the quality assurance and the academic reliance.