A scientific visit to the historical city of Babylon

In coordination with the N.G.O (World Monuments Fund) and the Inspectorate of Babylon Antiquities / State Board of Antiquities and Heritage, the Department of Architecture conducted a scientific visit to the ancient city of Babylon, where students of the second, third, fourth and fifth grades participated in the visit, accompanied by a group of the department’s professors headed by the Head of the Department Prof. Shaimaa Hameed Alahbabi.

The program of the visit included a scientific lecture about the ancient city and the digital reconstruction of its stages given by the Professor in Assyriology Olof Pedersen with associate prof. Saba Sami Al Ali as moderator. The lecture was also attended by Dr Ahmed Abdul Salam, director of the Babylon Antiquities Inspectorate. Afterwards a tour of the main monuments in the city was led, The tour included a full explanation of the archaeological details in these monuments, and the project of developing the platforms of the processional street and the Ishtar gate, as well as the maintenance of the Ninmakh Temple carried out by the organization as part of the project (The Future of Babylon). Experts of the World Monuments Fund; Olof Pedersen professor in Assyriology, architect& conservation expert Thierry Grandin, and Josephine Diario expert in conservation and brick architecture, In addition to Ammar Altai – a specialist in Babylon archaeology and coordinator from the Inspectorate of Babylon, all participated in the tour and provided their insights and clarifications to the students.