Dr.Caecilia Pieri giving a talk titled : “Rebuilding after wars: Some Comparisons “.

On Sunday the 4th of November,the Department of Architectural Engineering hosted Dr. Caecilia Pieri to give a talk titled : “Rebuilding after wars: Some Comparisons “. This invitation to doctor Pieri is part of the Scientific and cultural program planned for the new academic year.
In her lecture, Dr. Pieri who is an Associate Researcher at the French Institute for the Near East and the Urban Observatory presented a wide range of world cities which endured destruction due to II W.W. and the different strategies they pursued to accomplish reconstruction. Dr. Pieri’s presentation also included the case of rebuilding Beirut’s traditional urban center and shed light on actual indicators of Beirut’s status.
The lecture was attended by Dr, Dhyia Hameed Basi, head of the department with Staff members and students. Academics from the dept. of Architecture at Baghdad University attended the lecture as well, and argument was raised after Dr.Pieri’s presentation on several points on the topic.