Workshop on Tamayouze 2018 Competitions: The Rifat Chadirgi award , the Diwan Award and the Tamayouze Graduation Projects Award

On April the 25th, The Department hosted the coordinators of the Tamayouze Award for Architecture, and representatives from DIWAN Architects, as well as representatives from the Iraqi Union for Young Architects, in a workshop titled as above. The speakers presented guidelines on the different awards available at the 2018 Tamayouze competitions and discussed with the audience the importance of these competitions for Architecture education and profession in Iraq. They answered inquiries raised by the students and the academic members attending the workshop concerning the involvement in the competitions.
The workshop was sponsored by the Deanery of the college of Engineering and attended by the dean himself, Professor Jassim AlDabbagh, the assistant dean, assist. Professor Shaimaa Al Ahbabi.