A lecturer in the Department of Biomedical Engineering obtained a patent

A lecturer in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Dr Aseel Muhammad Ali Hussein and the student Malak Abbas Mortada, have obtained a patent entitled (Analysis of gait based on infrared sensors)
The patent aims to introduce an easy-to-install system to assess the daily ability to walk using an infrared sensor as a practical system that meets these requirements, and is able to provide a correct calculation of the temporal features and spatial coordinates of the walking steps. The proposed system offers important benefits compared to the pre-existing systems. It is cheap and easy to process, data is collected very quickly, and it is easy to create a detailed report, and it is a system that can add other units, which means that the length of the system can be changed. In addition, it is portable and easy to install, as this device can be installed by simply placing the device on the floor. It is also easy to install as no specific preparations are required for people before testing, and does not require maintenance and calibration of the sensor. Therefore, it can be used as a standard gait analysis system