Al-Jawahri Secondary School for Girls Visits the College of Engineering

On Monday, March 25, 2019, Al-Jawahiri Secondary School for Girls visited  the Faculty of Engineering. They were received by the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs Dr. Yasser Yarob Qahtan, Dr. Reem Salam from the Students Activities Division and Engineer Bassam Sabah,

In the beginning, a meeting was held in Dejela  hall and Dr. Yasser Yarub talked about the college, its mission, objectives, curriculum and study system. He also discussed the number of scientific departments, educational outputs, laboratories and others.

During the meeting, Dr. Reem Salam talked about the university life after completing the preparatory stage, which is considered a qualitative leap in the student’s life. She  also talked about some activities carried out by the students in the college from painting, handicrafts to sports activities.

The students visited the laboratories of the Civil Engineering Department, the Chemical Engineering Laboratories, the Engineering Laboratories and the Industrial Support Department. The Department also visited the Department of Architecture and the students’ projects. Each laboratory officials explained the work of the equipment and the quality of the work and experiments carried out by the student during their studies