A Meeting of graduates follow-up committees of the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering held a meeting of the graduate’s follow-up committees of the Faculty of Engineering.  The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering has met with Assistant Professor Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Sattar Mohammed, the Head of the Rehabilitation and Employment Division at the University Presidency, the Head of the Graduates Follow-up Unit in the College, and the representatives of each department.

The meeting has dealt with the need to follow the graduates and the outcomes in which graduates are capable to service of the community and the labor market.  The Dean has emphasized on the importance of providing the follow-up unit with all the information and updates of the graduates, with working statistics and data, to build an electronic database containing all information about Graduates from college.

They have also discussed the necessity of participating in the “Design Day’ to be held at the end of this month.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed to adopt a new electronic mechanism for the purpose of documenting and archiving the information of graduates electronically, which facilitates the process of obtaining statistics.  It also helps to keep in touch with graduates when their specialization is needed in any for the purpose of employment.