The 13th Festival of minds to honor the outstanding first place students

Under the patronage of the religious authority in Najaf, the thirteenth minds festival was held to honor the outstanding first places students for the academic year 2017/2018. The representative of the religious authority Sheikh Hussein al-Yasin supervised the festival. The festival took place at the mosque of Al-Yassin in Kadhimiya in the presence of the representative of the president of the University of Al-Nahrain, the dean of the medicine faculty and a number of deans and members of the teaching staff at the university. The representative of the university president praised the role of the religious authority in communicating with the institutions of the higher education and its keenness on graduating students with a high national sense of belonging as well as their skills and scientific knowledge.

Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Abdul Sattar Mohammed and the Director of Student Activities Department Dr. Abdulrahman Jameel were represntitives of the faculty of engineering. They attended with the faculty’s outstanding first place students.

The representative of the religious authority, Sheikh Hussein Al Yassin, honored the Deanship of the Faculty of Engineering and presented them with a book of appreciation for their efforts in educating the students, and respecting the mission of the College in servicing the community and working on the success of the educational process. The first place students were honored in order to encourage them to continue the excellence and perseverance, wishing them a non- stop scientific excellence to serve our beloved country.