Commemoration ceremony for Engineer Mohammed Sami Mahjoub

The Faculty of Engineering has held a ceremony for the late Engineer Mohamed Sami Mahjoub who has passed away after a long struggle with disease. The ceremony took place on Tuesday, 8 May 2018 in Al- Rafidain Hall at the Faculty of Engineering.

The ceremony was attended by the deceased family, the president assistant for administrative affairs, the dean of the faculty of engineering, the dean assistants, a number of heads of departments of the Faculty of Engineering and a number of faculty members.

The ceremony included words that expressed the college and its employees love and respect for the deceased who has served the college for years without fatigue or boredom despite his illness. This illness that has ended the story of loyalty, dedication and faith.

Then, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Professor Dr. Jassim Abboud Dabbagh gave a speech in which he remembered the qualities of the deceased praising his work, ethics, and high performance during the years of his work.

Dr. Laith Khalid Al-Hadithi has also given a speech in the deceased memories on behalf of the professors and then Mr. Yasser Rashid on behalf of the late colleagues. Finally, Rasha Mohammed Sameem gave a speech lamenting the deceased after that she thanked the attendees for their feelings and loyal words.

At the end of the ceremony, a commemorative video of the deceased was displayed, including pictures of him in the university and the college, and copies of the Koran were distributed to the attendees in the memory of the deceased.