Faculty of Engineering Participation in celebration of the University Day

Under the patronage of the President of Al- Nahrain University, Dr. Nabil Kazem Abdel-Saheb, the University of Al- Nahrain holds its annual celebration on the University Day

The ceremony included bright lights about the University of Al- Nahrain, through the speeches delivered by the professors of the university participating in the patent exhibitions, the first professors’, professors who received the title of professorship, speeches of the best scientific magazine, as well as the speeches of the best doctoral thesis and master thesis.

In addition to valuating the scientific and practical achievements of the staff working in this scientific edifice.  The award went to the distinguished professors in medical, engineering, and pure and human sciences, the best-published research and best PhD thesis, master’s thesis and the best scientific journal issued by the university formations. The professors who have completed the patents and those who have been retired were also honored.

At the end, the prizes were distributed to the winners. From The Faculty of Engineering the awards went to Dr. Raed Ahmed Daoud from the Civil Engineering and Dr. Venus Majid Hamid from the Mechanical Engineering for the best-published research. Dr. Bassam Ghaleb Rasheed received the prize of the best scientific journal.  Dr. Naseer Abboud Eissa, and Dr. Kamal Shaker Abdel-Maysheem from Chemical Engineering, Dr. Ziad Tariq Al-Dahan from the Engineering of Biomedical engineering, and Dr. Iyad Murad Takhakh from the Mechanical Engineering have received the prize of patents.  Dr. Yasser Yarub Qahtan responsible for the website of the Faculty of Engineering has received the prize of the best website.  The student Youssef Khalaf Yousef from the civil engineering received the prize for the best PhD thesis within the engineering group, and Mahmoud Hamid Majeed from the Biomedical Engineering for the best master’s thesis within the engineering group.

The ceremony included a speech by the President of the University, in which he expressed his thanks and appreciation to the professors who were honored in this distinguished scientific day. Those who provided scientific research and raised their knowledge by patents and scientific participations at various levels as well as to provide great services to the university through their followings and their keenness in performance and quality. This was followed by the opening of the exhibition of the University of Al- Nahrain by the President of the University of Al- Nahrain Professor Dr. Nabil Kazim Abdul-Sahib, in the presence of the Assistant President for scientific affairs Abual Jabaar Numaa Khaleefa and assistant for administrative affairs Dr. Jumaa Salman Jiyad, as well as the deans of all colleges. The activities of the formations of Al- Nahrain University were presented. The exhibition included the presentation of outstanding projects for postgraduate and primary studies, patents, written books and some excellent research. In addition to presenting the offers of the formations in the laboratory services, training courses, and engineering consultancy.  A Guide book for the activities of the University of Al- Nahrain was presented. This guide includes all the scientific activities of the University.