Workshop on “the Development of the small and medium projects”

Under the patronage of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Engineering, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals / Department of Training and Industrial Development, held a scientific workshop entitled

“the Development of the small and medium projects “

This workshop aims at spreading the culture of entrepreneurship in order to reduce unemployment by supporting and encouraging young people, especially graduates, to set up small and medium projects according to sound scientific foundations because it is the only solution to absorb the huge number of unemployed graduates and youth.

The workshop included three lectures. Dr. Shaima Hameed Hussein, Assistant Dean for scientific affairs, delivered the first lecture. The lecture was entitled “Development of skilled graduates and entrepreneurship”. The second lecture was given by Nidal Hamza Abdel Amir, Director of SME Development Department, Ministry of Industry and Minerals entitled ‘’Supporting the young’s aspiration  to set up their own projects”.  The final lecture was given by Mr. Shuaa Safa Abdullah from the Industrial Research and Development Authority at the ministry of Industry and Minerals. His lecture was entitled” Technological Incubators ”
The workshop was attended by a number of students of the final stages and graduates of the Faculty of Engineering.