Participation of the Faculty of Engineering in Al-Nahrain Marathon for Peace

(For a non-violent Iraq)

the Department of Sports and Student Activities at Al-Nahrain University, in cooperation with Al-Daleel Travel and Tourism and Al-Nahrain smile group, has held

“The Marathon of Al-Nahrain for Peace”

This Marathon aims at conveying a message of love and peace to the world and that we are people who love sport and peace. This activity comes within the activities of Al-Nahrain Spring festival. The students of the Faculty of Engineering participated in this activity which was held in Al-Nahrain University. The marathon began at 9:00 am on Wednesday 2 May 2018 with two starters and with the participation of professors and students. The student Mohammed Jabbar from the Orthopedics and Prosthetic engineering department, obtained the first place in the race, while the student Zine El Abidine Ali from the Department of Civil Engineering came in the third place.