Zain Company Honors the graduates trainees from the Faculty of Engineering

Under the slogan “Zain with the youth’’  Zain has held a special ceremony on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, to honor the graduates of Baghdad, Nahrain and Technology universities who spent six consecutive months training them in the company’s departments for the purpose of preparing them to enter the labor market.  Appreciation shields and books of recommendation were distributed. Zain company has provided them with all the means to help these graduates to enter the real labor market and turn their ideas and aspirations for successful projects aimed at serving the country and they are now ready to start their working lives.

Seven graduates from the Computer Engineering and Communications and Electronics Engineering departments of Al-Nahrain University out of 28 graduate from the three universities have participated. Three graduates of these seven trainees were given a job opportunity after the end of the training period. Al-Nahrain students took three of the seven job opportunities offered by Zain.