Meeting of the Preparatory Committee to participate in the first national exhibition of Iraqi universities

The sub-committees from the departments of the Faculty of Engineering attended the meeting.  Dr. Raad from the university presidency attended the meeting and has explained the terms legislated by the university concerning the above committee.  The discussion came up with the following recommendations:

1. Investigation of the possibility of processing screens to display documentary films about the scientific departments.

2. Investigation of the possibility of assigning the Department of Architecture in the Faculty to make models from the Department of Civil Engineering because it is not removable for the purpose of presentation at the exhibition.

3. Inquire about the possibility of providing an exhibitor for the publications (books) completed by the faculty.

4. Explore the possibility of providing space for the display of shields, patents and distinctive certificates.

5. The deadline for receipt of the products shall be determined on Sunday 15/4/2018.