Meeting of the committee of the first national exhibition of Iraqi universities

A meeting of the committee of participation in the first national exhibition of Iraqi universities was held with representatives of all the formations of the college.  The following points were fixed to review and prepare the products of the college’s formations for the Iraqi universities exhibition which should reflect the college and university in such a way that suits its scientific status and the possibility of starting to display them on the coming university day. The points were set to enhance College and university resources through:

1 – Presentation of laboratory tests in a unified context based on quality assurance standards and laboratory accreditation, which includes description of the device, the name of the examination, a brief summary of the examination, the tools or devices required for the examination including mages.  A definition of the purpose of the examination and the beneficiary should be clarified.

2  – Presentation of specialized training courses and an introduction including the name of the course and a brief explanation of the tools necessary for the establishment of the training courses and identify the beneficiaries.