A workshop entitled “women in the academic and scientific fields”

Thursday 8th march, 2018
 Coinciding with the International Women’s Day, the college of engineering has organized a workshop entitled “women in the academic and scientific fields”. A representative of the Department of Women Empowerment in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers attended it. The purpose of this workshop is to explain the challenges and difficulties faced by women in selecting engineering studies and how the Faculty of Engineering works to provide the suitable environment for female students and researchers in various engineering specializations to overcome these challenges and difficulties. The workshop opened with a Speech by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Professor Dr. Jassem Abboud Dabbagh in which he highlighted the sacrifices of Iraqi women in the fight against terrorism, which are not less important than the sacrifices of men, and the development of the role of women in the workplace. The workshop continued with a speech by Assistant Professor Dr. Asmaa Thamer Ibrahim, in which she spoke about the leadership of women in many fields, examples were women in the Arab world, the first female judge and the first female doctor in Iraq. The workshop closed with an opened discussion entitled (Experiment of Iraqi women in the engineering and academic fields). The discussion was led by Assistant Professor Dr. Shaima Hameed Hussein, Assistant Dean for Scientific affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Asmaa Thamer Ibrahim, Head of Civil Engineering, and Assistant Professor Dr. Suzanne Abdel Hassan, Head of Architecture Department. This discussion urged women to take an active role to keep pace with the engineering applications, which are making a rapid change in the way of life.  In addition to providing a suitable environment for women in all fields, especially engineering and encouraging students to take advantage of the opportunities and tools available to achieve success at the professional and academic levels. At the end of the workshop, the successful women professors, and the first female students were honored.