A lecturer from the Department of Chemical Engineering receives AUIQ award 2024

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Done By: Chemical Engineering Department

Post Date: 2024-02-10

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Dr. Saad H. Ammar has won Al-Ayen Iraqi University Award 2024 in its fourth edition in the category of pioneering researchers for his outstanding role in the field of rigorous scientific publishing. It is worth mentioning that the AUIQ Award 2024 received scientific sponsorship this year from Elsevier Global Institution. He was honored under the direct patronage of His Excellency, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, during a grand ceremony held at the ministry headquarters on Saturday, the 10th of February 2024.

On this occasion, the department's leadership appreciates the distinguished efforts of Dr. Saad in achieving advanced positions in the field of scientific research and participating in scientific forums.

Biography of Dr. Saad H Ammar