Reception ceremony for the first stage - Department of Architecture

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Done By: Engineering Architectural Department

Post Date: 2023-11-23

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"With the presence of the esteemed Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and the honorable Head of the Department of Architecture, along with the faculty members of the department, the Department of Architecture hosted a reception ceremony for first-year students of the academic year 2023-2024. The ceremony included a speech delivered by the esteemed Dean, introducing the new students to their peers and the faculty members, as well as providing an overview of the nature of studying in the Department of Architecture and its uniqueness.

The event also featured recreational and social activities aimed at facilitating the integration of new students into the cohesive atmosphere of the Architecture Department, connecting them with students from other stages and the teaching staff. The ceremony took place in the department's auditorium, a space that has gained significance due to the annual festive atmosphere it hosts, welcoming first-year students. Our heartfelt wishes go to them for a scholarly journey filled with diligence, excellence, and creativity.