Lecturers from Chemical Engineering Department publish a research in an international journal

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Post Date: 2023-05-27

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Lecturers from Chemical Engineering Department publish research in an international journal   

Professor Saad H. Ammar and the lecturer Shahad Z. Atta in the Chemical Engineering Department of Al-Nahrain University published research entitled:

Facile construction of g-C3N4/MnWO4/NiS heterostructures for photocatalytic degradation of organic contaminates under visible light irradiation

in the international journal, 

Materials Letters

which is located in the Scopus database with a rating of (Q1) and site score of 6 and a Clarivate impact factor of 3.574

The research included the preparation of a new formulation of organic photocatalysts and its use in the treatment of environmental pollutants by a photocatalytic method.

To view the research, please visit the following link: