Lecturers from Chemical Engineering Department publish a research in an international journal

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Post Date: 2023-05-17

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Lecturers from Chemical Engineering Department publish research in an international journal

The lecturer Moayad Fadel Hamad, Professor Dr Basim Obaid Hassan, and Assistant Professor Dr Hussein Ali Hameed in the Chemical Engineering Department of Al-Nahrain University published research entitled:

The Local Dependence of Bubble Breakup for Different Impeller Geometries in a Stirred Tank

in the international journal, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Mechanical Engineering


which is located in the Scopus database with a rating of (Q2) and an impact factor of 1.53

This work presents an investigation into the effect of impeller geometry on the local bubble breakage behavior in a stirred tank. The relative breakage location and the local number of produced daughter bubbles (fragments) were investigated using a high-speed imaging method. Three impeller geometries were used for a range of impeller Reynolds numbers (Re) (18380–40830). The impellor geometries used were: 4-flat blades, 4-twisted blades, and 2-flat blades.


To view the research, please visit the following link: