First stage workshop

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Done By: Engineering Architectural Department

Post Date: 2023-05-04

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Under the auspices of the Honorable Dean of the College of Engineering, Prof. Dr. In the name of Obaid Hassan, and the support and presence of head of dept. Prof. Mohammed Qassim Abdulghafoor, the Department of Architecture at Al-Nahrain University, organized a workshop entitled " Recycling  of Materials into Creative Products' '.in collaboration with the Department of Architecture at University of Baghdad.on Thursday.4/5/2023. The workshop was dedicated to first year students from both departments. It included a comprehensive lecture on recycling in architecture and art delivered by the professors from both departments, followed by a practical exercise for the students to design two hats for women and men using common reused materials . The students worked in groups, and their work was evaluated by professors, and winners received honoring certificates and prices.

First year attending Instructors from Al Nahrain University are:

Prof. Saba Sami Al Ali

Lecturer Aliaa Ahmed Mahmood

Lecturer Baneen Abdulkarim

Assist.Lec. Shatha Slim

Assist. Lec. Nawaras Mutadhid

The exercise aimed to raise students' awareness of the importance of sustainable design and preserving the available resources, in the various aspects of life. The workshop also contributes to stimulating creative thinking in terms of producing designs that achieve durability, functionality and beauty within limited and unusual resources such as reused waste. The goals also go beyond developing communication skills, teamwork and leadership inclination, as well as strengthening the bonds of cooperation between classmates, and between corresponding local architecture departments.