A new research paper on the activity of photocatalytic degradation was published in collaboration with lecturers in Chemical Engineering Department.

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Post Date: 2024-04-10

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Dr Hind J. Hadi, Professor Dr. Saad H. Ammar and lecturer Israa Sh Mohammed from Chemical Engineering Department published a new research paper titled:

“Fabrication and adsorption/photocatalytic degradation activities of (ZIF-8/Ag-AgVO3) composites,”

It was published in the journal

Inorganic Chemistry Communications

by Elsevier with an impact factor of 3.8 and Sitecore 4.6 in Scopus database and located in Q2.

The study offers new perspectives on designing and constructing MOFs as efficient photocatalysts that can harness visible light to degrade organic pollutants. To access the research, please visit the following link: