Hosting a TOT course

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Done By: Department of Biomedical Engineering

Post Date: 2024-04-24

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Assistant Professor Dr. Sufian Mundhir Saleh, as part of the Continuous Education Unit activities at the College of Engineering, University of Al-Nahrain, and within the unit's annual curriculum, organized a TOT course according to ISO 10015 and ISO 29993 standards.

The objective of conducting this course was to scientifically and skillfully qualify the participants and equip them with the necessary practical experiences to work as professional trainers in their fields.

The training included the following key topics:

  1. Preparation of the professional trainer.
  2. Training, its methods, importance, and theories.
  3. Effective practical methods for identifying training needs.
  4. Designing the training program and training kit.
  5. The art of using questions to stimulate trainees.
  6. The art of using brainstorming skills.
  7. Successful management of training sessions.
  8. Using famous global models in training, along with implementing and evaluating the training kit.
  9. Training using electronic methods (online training).
  10. How to manage courses in online training and appropriate strategies for online training.