Scientific communication with one of the department's graduates.

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Done By: Department of Biomedical Engineering

Post Date: 2024-04-22

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The Department of Biomedical Engineering, as part of its commitment to maintaining scientific communication with alumni, hosted one of its graduates, Biomedical Engineer Azhar Adel Mohammed, from the specialized scientific office, "Horaa Al-Ilmi," which focuses on medical devices and acts as agents for the global company MicroPort. A scientific lecture was delivered on Artificial Cardiac Pacemakers implanted in the body for fifth-year students as part of the curriculum of the Modern Medical Devices course, under the supervision of the course instructor, Dr. Hassanein Ali Loftah. The lecture included an overview of the principles of operation and types of these delicate devices for patient health, along with explanations of their components. It also covered the role of biomedical engineers in their implantation during surgical procedures, how they are programmed, and the monitoring of their function in patients who have been implanted with them. The lecture was followed by meaningful scientific discussions between the students and the lecturers.