A new research paper on photocatalysts was published in collaboration with professors in Chemical Engineering Department.

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Post Date: 2024-03-03

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Professor Dr. Saad H. Ammar and Assist. Professor Dr Haidar M. Taofeeq from Chemical Engineering Department published a new research paper on photocatalysts titled:

" A critical review describes wastewater photocatalytic detoxification over Bi5O7I-based heterojunction photocatalysts: Characterizations, mechanism insight, and DFT calculations,"

It was published in the journal

Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

by Elsevier with an impact factor of 7.7 and Sitecore 9.5 in Scopus database and located in Q1.

The research provides a study on the progress of innovation and scientific advancement to discover powerful photocatalysts with superior capabilities for addressing environmental violations in sustainable approaches. To access the research, please visit the following link: