A new research paper on photocatalysts was published in collaboration with a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

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Post Date: 2024-02-27

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Professor Dr. Saad H. Ammar from the Department of Chemical Engineering published a new research paper on photocatalysts titled:

"Rational design of novel 0D/0D Bi2Sn2O7/CeO2 in the core-shell nanostructure for boosting the photocatalytic decomposition of antibiotics in wastewater: S-type-based mechanism,"

It was published in the journal

Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing

by Elsevier with an impact factor of 4.1 in Clarivate and a Scopus rating of 7 and located in Q1.

The research involves the preparation of a new photocatalyst to enhance the photocatalytic degradation of antibiotics in wastewater.

To access the research, please visit the following link: