A new research paper about photocatalyst published as part of a Master's thesis in Chemical Engineering department.

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Post Date: 2024-02-24

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Professor Dr. Saad Hanash Ammar and Master's student Zahraa Riyadh have published a research paper on photocatalysts as part of a Master's thesis in the Chemical Engineering department.

The paper, titled

"Synthesis of visible-light driven ZIF-67/Ag-AgVO3 heterostructures with enhanced synergistic photocatalytic degradation mechanism,"

It was published in the journal

 Inorganic Chemistry Communications by Elsevier with an impact factor of 3.8 in Clarivate and a Scopus rating of 4.6. The research focused on the preparation of a new photocatalyst based on metal-organic frameworks. To access the research, please visit the following link: