Visit the University Classification Committee

Sunday 29-07-2018 The visit of the ministerial committee supervising the audit of the quality of the classification of Iraqi universities according to the national program, where the information of our department has been audited with the quality committee in the Read more

Participation in a Training Course

Friday 20-07-2018 A group of academic members of the Biomedical Engineering Department represented by Assistant Professor Dr. Uns Qusay Hashim, Dr. Iman Ghadban Khalil and Dr. Lojean Qadri Ibrahim participated in the course “fMRI Data Acquisition and Processing” in the Read more


Wednesday 18-07-2018 The members of the examination committee in the department receive the thanks and appreciation of the President of the University due of their efforts and their active contribution and to carry out their duties fully in the task Read more

Granting Bachelor Degree

Sunday 15-07-2018 The issuance of the university order for the granting of a bachelor’s degree for graduates of our department for the academic year 2017-2018 first set (Victory and Development).

Reorganizing the Medical Equipment Laboratory

Thursday 12-07-2018 Based on the directives of the Deanship of the College of Engineering to utilise the summer vacation, the laboratory staff rearranged the laboratory of medical equipment and classification of equipment according to the function to prepare for the Read more