Chemical Engineering Department


1.1    Department Vision :-

          The Department of Chemical Engineering aspire to be one of the leading Chemical Engineering Programs in Iraq and the region.

1.2    Department Mission:-

1.    Graduating highly qualified chemical engineers.

2.    Providing leadership skills for the students through constant training, group work, and practice.

3.    Encourage students to pursue higher knowledge and aspirations throughout their careers.

4.    Contributing ideas of projects and carrying out research for the benefit and development of the community.

5.    Providing the perfect creative environment for the student and grant outstanding students to participate in sophisticated researches and projects.

1.3    Department Executive Objectives :-

1.    Graduate chemical engineers who are able to meet the requirements of industry, and other sectors of chemical engineering

2.    Improve the teaching and administration properties to meet the international standards and the mission of the department.

3.    Improve the academic skills of the faculty and the staff.

4.    Enhance the skills and management capabilities of the technical and supporting staff to improve the overall performance of the department.

5.    Establishing viable applied research that generates Knowledge for local and foreign markets.